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a.m. stein art imports

A.M. Stein Art Imports is dedicated to giving art collectors and lovers of indigenous culture an opportunity to purchase unique and extraordinary works of art. Ada Mae Crouse, owner of A.M. Stein Imports, and her associates buy art from local artists and markets in Central America and Africa. Currently we have an exceptional collection of Mayan Art Naïf, West African antique Kente cloth, and hand-dyed textiles from Mali.

The Mayan art of Guatemala is now gaining international reputation for its unique colorful expression of the traditions and cultures of the living Mayan. Originally intended for ritual display of wealth and power, the sophisticated Kente cloth and robes are hand woven by the Asante and Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo, as well as the Yoruba of Nigeria; while the textiles of Mali are some of the most extraordinary hand-dyed cloth in the world.

The promotion of the works in these collections help to keep alive the highly artistic and accomplished traditions of the Ewe, Asante, and Malian people of West African, and the Mayan people of Guatemala.

"It is our mission to discover exceptional works by emerging indigenous artists of today and to bring them to market." – Ada Mae Crouse

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